The main aim of the AVISHKARAK 2K19 is to encourage the active participation of the students and making a brief aspects on practical approach creating awareness by involving the active participation, in order to succeed in globally active positions .

About College:

Encouraging the students in different realms at academic curriculum and inspiring the young generation to exhibit their innovative thoughts to overcome and proceed over multiple personalities.

Technical Events:

  • Power Point Presentation
  • Auto CADD
  • Model Making

Power Point Presentation

Paper presentation is an opportunity to enhance your talent of expressing active ideas. Here, we provide a monolithic platform to get a parallel mode of participation, to modify your abilities on particular own topic guidelines.

Poster Presentation

Exploring the broad methodologies to transfer the ideas of technical and non technical aspects, in and around the strategies of current booming topics. It makes the participants to present their thoughts in a thought provoking manne.


Drawing and representing the path of planning of given aided list in 2D. It provides the young professional students be particular in the time management in completing the task with provided CADD software

Model Making

Gathering the typical ideological aspects to exhibit their skill at instantaneous guidelines to workout with given materials of making the models.

Non-Technical Events:

  • Quiz
  • Debate
  • Cricket
  • PUBG
  • Spot Events


It is a program which may improve the general knowledge of the students. we provide a nice platform to prove ,we are going to conduct both technical and non-technical topics on that program .


It is an argument and skill development event .we are going to conduct in our college .it is a nice venue to show your ability of taking and to improve your taking skills.


It is an international game that everyone knows .for a student study and sports are very important for brain and body, we are conducting in our campus, for individual players who are highly talented within limited period of time.

PalyerUnknow Battle Ground (PUBG)

It is a battle ground which is connected with different players. We are conducting as squad, for each squad consists of four players, this is conducted under the super vision of our co-ordinates.


We are conducting a spot events like dubsmash , musical chairs etc…,are the events which are likely to attracted for participation in every events.
These are very useful for your skills to empower students to achieve academic excellence and innovation.


 Maximum two authors for each paper
 The report not exceeding 5pages should be mailed in word or pdf format only
 Registration fee for poster ad paper presentations is 100/- per each event
 Registration fee for other events 50/- per each event
 Complimentary for spot events



Mr. M.V. Prabhakar reddy
HOD Of Civil Engg Dept

Faculty Co-ordinators:-

Mr. P. V. Chaitanya-------9494616114
Mr. A. Surya ------8074137522
Mr. G. Dorai Srinivas ------9014568036
Mr. G. Bharadwaja Rao ------9912459967
Mr. G. Ramu ---------8247857608

Student Co-ordinators:-

B. Srinaveen -------6300889570
N. Rama Krishna Reddy ------9502628391
U. Srihari --------8309743007
M. Pulla Reddy -------8333002585


Last date of submission: 08-03-2019
Date of intimation: 10-03-2019
Date of event: 13-03-2019

Registration fee :100/-
For individual event :50/-


 Registration kit
 Food coupons
 Complimentary registration for one event

Click Here for registraion :

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