RSREC follows the Andhra Pradesh Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1997 in letter and spirit. Banned by the Supreme Court of India. Accordingly, RSREC takes a stern view of any and all acts of ragging and takes stringent action against the perpetrators. With a view to discourage, prevent and pre-empt acts of ragging, RSREC has several measures in place.
These include:
  • Anti-ragging posters displayed on:
  • The main notice board
  • All departmental notice boards
  • Hostels & Dining halls
  • Library, canteen and other places on campus
  • Anti-ragging committees for monitoring the welfare of fresh students outside the campus
  • Every student also gives a formal undertaking not to indulge in any ragging
  • Faculty Counsellors – One faculty for every 25 students
  • Follows us our servcies